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International Relations Task Force


Vision Statement

A globally aware and connected psychology of religion and spirituality.

Mission Statement

To provide our division members with opportunities for exposure to and interaction with scholars studying the psychology of religion and spirituality in countries other than the United States.


Knowledge of an array of cultural settings enriches our work.

  • In situ cultural experiences transform knowledge into nuanced comprehension.
  • Nuanced comprehension increases effective application of principles for research, teaching and clinical practice.
  • Analysis of applications from multiple cultural contexts helps to more thoroughly characterize idiographic and nomothetic details.
  • Synthesis of analyses crafted with input from a variety of cultural perspectives is more likely to avoid biases.
  • Evaluation of the usefulness of our Division is partially dependent on the extent to which we can adequately synthesize a psychology of religion and spirituality that addresses the human condition as experienced within and transcendent of cultural contexts.


  • Three to five members.
  • Appointed by president upon nomination (self-nominations accepted).
Date created: 2014