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Membership Information

The annual fee for full members and professional affiliates is $40. Student affiliates are charged $15 to cover the expense of division publications.

A wide variety of psychological interests and activities exist among the members of the division. Members work in virtually every area, from experimental and statistical research to clinical work with children and adults. We are concerned with both the scientific and applied aspects of our field. Many members do research exclusively on issues in the psychology of religion and spirituality; others bring this interest to bear on a variety of allied areas in psychology. Our professional affiliates may be found working in sociology, religious studies, and the other social sciences. Some members also possess a clerical degree and integrate psychology with the requirements of pastoral life as researchers and practicing clinicians.


Membership includes receiving the division newsletter and professional contacts in the field. Most valuable are opportunities for participating in the annual convention and divisional affairs. These allow a kind of personal and intellectual stimulation not available elsewhere. Joint membership in our division and APA also helps us achieve important advocacy priorities within APA concerning the psychology of religion and spirituality.

Members will also receive the divisons' new official journal, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, to be published by the APA.


You may apply for membership at a level consistent with your status in APA. Members, associates, and fellows of APA are eligible for Div. 36 member, associate, or fellow status, respectively. Non-members of APA may apply for professional affiliate status. Applications may be submitted online via the general division membership form. When using the general division membership form be sure to indicate that you are applying for Div. 36.

Current Members

APA members: If you are a member or fellow of APA and a member of our division, you can make changes to your contact information at the APA website or by contacting APA membership services at (202) 336-5580.

Associate or affiliate members: Div. 36 members whom do not also hold member or fellow status in APA should direct contact information changes to the APA Division Services office at:

Division Services Office
American Psychological Association
750 First St, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
Telephone: (202) 336-6013
Fax: (202) 218-3599

Date created: 2012
A newsletter of Division 36