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Student Involvement

Welcome to the APA Div. 36 Student Involvement page! Student affiliates of Div. 36 have the following benefits:

  • Access to the division's email lists.
  • Free subscription to the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality journal and newsletter.
  • Participation in division events.
  • Student research and poster awards.
  • Mentoring and social networking.
  • Division-compiled resources on undergraduate and graduate programs on the psychology of religion and spirituality.

It only costs $15 to join as a student affiliate, which can be done through APA.

If you are already a Student Affiliate of Div. 36 and would like to join the Div. 36 Student listserv, follow the instructions below:

FOR STUDENT AFFILIATES: The division has created an email Listserv especially for student members of the division. To become a member of the list simply put the followingcommand in the body of an email message, leaving the subject line blank:

subscribe Div36sats FIRSTNAME LASTNAME

Be sure to put your name [FORMAT NOTE: Please bold "your name"] in the command. When approved by the list owner you will be added to the list with the email address from which you sent the command. You will receive welcome messages confirming your addition to the list. These messages will contain guidelines for using an APA listserv.

Once you are subscribed to the list, you can send a message to the list using the address

To unsubscribe from the list, simply put the command below in the body of an email message, leaving the subject line blank:

signoff Div36sats

Midyear Conference

We are pleased to give special recognition to our mid-year Student Research Spotlight Student Poster Award winners. Congratulations to these talented and hardworking students. We plan to feature more student work at upcoming APA Annual Conventions and mid-year division meetings. 

Mid-Year 2019 Student Poster Award Winners 

Div. 36 is please to recognize two poster winners:

  • (Qualitative Study) “Spirituality and Daily Impact on Latinx Immigrant Mental Health.”
    Rafael E. Hernandez, Miriam Ortiz, Paola Callejas, Oswaldo Moreno 
  • (Quantitative Study) “God Support and Loneliness among Adolescents Transitioning to College.”
    Christopher C. Englemann, Jeffrey P. Bjorck, Cameron Lee 

Mid-Year 2018 Student Poster Award Winner

Mid-Year 2016 Student Poster Award Winners

  • "Religious Development in African American Adolescents: Growth Patterns that Offer Protection in the Context of Stressful Life Events" 
     Daniel Lee 
  • "Reliability and Validity of the Circumplex Religious Orientation Inventory (CROI)" 
     Steven L. Isaak
  • "One Nation, Under Whose God?" 
     Greta Jankauskaite

APA Convention

We are pleased to give special recognition to our APA 2015 Div. 36 Student Symposium presenters and Div. 36 Student Poster Award winners. Congratulations to these talented and hardworking students.

APA 2015 Div. 36 Student Symposium Presentations

"Recovering Balance After the Big Leap: Validating Research on Overcoming Challenges in Integrative Spiritually Transformative Experiences"
Marie Grace Brook, Sofia University

"Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself (and as Thy In-group): Examining the Effects of Moral Intuitions and Intercessory Prayer on Generous Behavior" 
Tyler Greenway and Abigail Shepherd Beyenberg, Fuller Theological Seminary

"As He Says or as He Does?: The Impact of Punishing God-concepts on Revenge Behavior" 
Kristen Hull, University of North Florida

"Multiple Imagined Interactions Between Christians and Atheists" 
Angelina Iannazzi, University of Maine in Orono

"Patients' Experience of Spirituality and Change in Individual Psychotherapy at a Christian Counseling Clinic: A Grounded Theory Analysis"
Elena Kim, Fordham University

"Conceptions of Death and Emotional Arousal Among the Religiously Nonaffiliated" 
Anondah Saide, University of California - Riverside

APA 2015 Div. 36 Student Poster Award Winners

First Place

David Paine, Boston University
"Humility as a Predictor of Intercultural Competence: Mediator Effects for Differentiation of Self"  
David Paine, Steven Sandage and Peter Jankowski

Second Place

Annette Chan, Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University 
"Mindfulness and Humility as Potential Moderators Between Spiritual Struggle and Well-Being" 
Annette C. Chan, David C. Wang and Peter C. Hill

Third Place

Brandon J. Griffin, Virginia Commonwealth University 
"When Sex is Sacrilege: The Joint Effect of Hypersexual Behavior and Body Sanctification on Spiritual and Sexual Functioning" 
Brandon J. Griffin and Joshua D. Leach

Honorable Mention

Naadia M. Chowdhury, Fordham University 
"Muslim American Mothers' Perceptions of Child Behavior Problems" 
Naadia M. Chowdhury, David S. Glenwick and  Mark E. Mattson

Date created: 2014

APAGS Co-Representatives

PowerPoint Toolkit

This is a PowerPoint resource you can use to introduce others to Div. 36 and the psychology of religion and spirituality field in general. Modify it to work for your purposes. Add your own touch and talk about the research you're doing in the field. Have fun with it, and let us know what worked, how it went, and how we can improve it!