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Recordings of Div. 36 events are available as part of the division’s Membership Speakers series and as part of the division's Social Justice Task Force initiatives. Videos include topics on open science as well as common ground between the fields of psychology and religion and spirituality.

2021–2022 Membership Speaker Series

An open science of religion and spirituality presentation

This is a recording of a session by Ward Davis, PhD, and Sarah Schnitker, PhD, given on September 30, 2021. Learn more at Open Science of Religion.

Understanding the Role of Christian Nationalism in Prejudice

Presented by Dr. Wade Rowatt and Marah Al-Kire of Baylor University. The link between religion and prejudice has been framed as paradoxical. However, prejudice is more often associated with certain styles of belief such as fundamentalism than with religiosity itself. In this talk, we review some of our recent work identifying Christian nationalism as an ideology strongly associated with prejudice, focusing primarily on prejudice toward immigrants and refugees. Note. This video only includes the formal presentation; the Q&A was not recorded.

Social Justice Task Force

Opportunities for change in the psychology of religion and spirituality to foster common ground

A recording of the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality’s Social Justice Task Force’s Inaugural Guest Speaker Alexis D. Anernethy, PhD.

Date created: December 2021