Student award winners

Div. 36 2015 midyear student award winners

Congratulations to Div. 36 student award winners.
Student Poster Award Winners
  • Jayce Long (Biola University)
    Developing an Integrative Spiritual Identity Processes Scale
    Jayce Long, MS, MA; Todd W. Hall, PhD; and David C. Wang, ThM, PhD
  • Julie Pomerleau and Serena Wong ( Bowling Green State University) *
    Sanctification: A Meta-Analytic Review
    Julie Pomerleau, BS; Serena Wong, MEd; and Annette Mahoney, PhD
  • Anna Wang (Biola University) *
    The Role of Spirituality in Young Adults' Relational Adjustment to Parental Divorce
    Anna Wang, MA; Jenny H. Pak, PhD; & David C. Wang, PhD
Student Research Spotlight Symposium Presenters
  • Carrie Caoili (Brigham Young University)
    The Role of Spirituality in Treatment and Recovery from Eating Disorders
  • Justin Laplante (Clark University)
    Religious and Spiritual Identity Development in Emerging Adulthood: A Retrospective 
  • Jayce Long (Biola University)
    Spirituality in Crisis: The Mediating Effect of Secure God Attachment on Spiritual Flourishing
  • Michael Moradshahi (Biola University)
    Narrative Assessment of Emerging Adult Spirituality: A Practical Tool for Campus Ministers

*Student winners whose research summaries are featured in this newsletter issue; other student winner research summaries will be featured in the summer 2015 newsletter.