Student Award winners

2015 Div. 36 Student Research and Poster Award winners

Graduate students who won awards for research proposals and posters presented at the APA convention.

2015 Div. 36 Student Research Award winners

Students listed in alphabetical order; summaries of research proposals included in this newsletter.

  • Marie Grace Brook, LCSW
  • Tyler Greenway and Abigail Shepherd Beyenberg, MA
  • Kristen Hull
  • Angelina Iannazzi
  • Elena Kim
  • Anondah Saide, MA

APA 2015 Div. 36 Student Poster Award Winners

First Place

David Paine, Boston University
Humility as a Predictor of Intercultural Competence: Mediator Effects for Differentiation of Self David Paine, Steven Sandage, & Peter Jankowski

Second Place

Annette Chan (Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University)
Mindfulness and Humility as Potential Moderators Between Spiritual Struggle and Well-Being — Annette C. Chan, David C. Wang, & Peter C. Hill

Third Place

Brandon J. Griffin, Virginia Commonwealth University
When Sex is Sacrilege: The Joint Effect of Hypersexual Behavior and Body Sanctification on Spiritual and Sexual Functioning Brandon J. Griffin & Joshua D. Leach

Honorable Mention

Naadia M. Chowdhury, Fordham University
Muslim American Mothers' Perceptions of Child Behavior Problems — Naadia M. Chowdhury, David S. Glenwick, & Mark E. Mattson