A Note of Thanks

A note of thanks to Div. 36

Div. 36 members assist in the publication of one member's book.

By Andy J. Johnson, PhD

The book "Religion and Men's Violence Against Women" that I edited for Springer Science + Business Media would not have been possible without the input from others in Div. 36. I presented a poster with Jankowski, Damron, and Smischney on relationships between religious orientation and attitudes about violence against women at APA in San Diego. Carole Rayburn, a past president of the division, met me at the poster session. She encouraged me to form a symposium on religion and violence against women for APA the next year in Washington, D.C. An acquisitions editor from Springer contacted me about a book project two weeks before the convention started when she saw our symposium listed as part of the Div. 36 offerings. To make a long story short, my participation in Div. 36 led to meeting diverse individuals with similar interests and to working with my editor at Springer. It enabled chapter authors to refine and develop our ideas through presentations in symposia and in the Div. 36 hospitality suite. Informal discussion with Div. 36 members both at and beyond the convention provided essential input which aided me as a first time editor, strengthening "Religion and Men's Violence Against Women" considerably. This year I chaired a symposium that examined the intersection of religion and violence against persons with disabilities and this has led to additional opportunities. I am grateful for the ways Div. 36 has enhanced my professional development and my career. 


Johnson, A.J. (Ed.) (2015). Religion and men's violence against women. New York: Springer Science+Business Media.