A Message From the Division President

Claire Gilligan, PsyD I am honored to serve as the division president this year. Div. 37 has always been my home within APA. Our division fills an incredibly important role within APA; we are the only child-focused division that focuses explicitly on advocacy for children and families, and our mission fits nicely with APA’s expanding focus on advocacy more generally. As you likely are aware, children and families are impacted in multiple ways by local, state, and federal policy that impact not only children’s mental health, but their very ability to survive, grow, and thrive. Research on the social determinants of health tell us that systemic factors that operate on a broad level have huge impacts on the well-being of children and families. Such systems are directly affected by policies, including policies about how resources (paid by our tax dollars) are directed.

Mission Statement

The Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice (Div. 37 of the American Psychological Association; formerly Div. 37: Child, Youth and Family Services) is committed to the application of psychological knowledge to advocacy, social justice, service delivery and public policies affecting children, youth and families in a diverse and inclusive society. The society advances research, education, training, and practice through a multidisciplinary and culturally-informed perspective. The society is interested in supporting culturally-informed evidence-based practice that promotes health equity with underserved and vulnerable populations.