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Elizabeth (Liz) Gershoff, PhD
Div. 37 welcome

President's message

Welcome to the website of APA Div. 37 (Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice). Our organization brings together psychologists and other professionals who are committed to improving the lives of children and families, whether that be through clinical practice, research, or policy change. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the crucial role that families and friends play in supporting our mental and physical health. The pandemic has revealed many levels of inequity and injustice that have yet to be addressed. This past year has also taught us the importance of raising our collective voices to protest inequities and to bring about social change. The Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice promotes the dissemination and application of research evidence as a means of informing  individual-, community-, and policy-level change.  




The Advocate

Stay up to date on Div. 37’s efforts to support advocacy, service delivery, and public policies affecting children, youth and families.


Section on Child Maltreatment Newsletter

Stay informed of the Section’s initiatives, public policy, research, practice and case law relating to child maltreatment.


Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice

Div. 37 members receive access to this SpringerBrief publication on issues related to social policy and services for children, youth and families.




Resources for Early Career Psychologists

Explore resources related to the job market, professional development, work-life balance, and award opportunities.


Child and Family/Advocacy Resources

Discover resources such as handouts with childrearing tips, curriculum guides on child maltreatment, and resources for evidence-based practice.

Section on Child Maltreatment


Section on Child Maltreatment

The Section on Child Maltreatment (Section I of Div. 37 of the APA) was established in 1994 to support and promote scientific inquiry, training, professional practice, and advocacy in the area of child maltreatment. 

DREAM Special Interest Group

Diverse Racial Ethnic and Multicultural SIG

Learn more and consider joining the DREAM SIG in its work to support children, youth, and families from historically underrepresented diverse populations and communities.


Div. 37 co-sponsors this website, which seeks to promote healthy child and family development by highlighting science-based information for those who care for, or work with, children. 



Learn more and apply or nominate someone you know for a Div. 37 award.

Email lists

Join our four email listservs to stay updated on information relating to children, youth and families.

Task forces

Learn more and consider joining one of the Div. 37-sponsored task forces.

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