Div. 37 Early Career Psychologist Service Award

This award, which includes a $500 honorarium, is to acknowledge a Div. 37 early career psychologist who provides above and beyond service to the psychological field.


Sponsor: Division 37


In keeping with the mission of the division, those whose service directly impacts the advocacy, service delivery, and public policies affecting children, youth, and families will be valued in the review process. There will be up to one recipient each year, and honorable mentions will be granted when appropriate. The amount of the award is $500.


Div. 37 members within 10 years of EdD, PhD, or PsyD degree conferral are eligible.

Conflict of interest statement

In order to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, committee members reviewing applications must recuse themselves from reviewing applications from the same institution as the committee member, colleagues with whom the committee member is directly collaborating or former graduate students of such colleagues. A conflict of interest with any nominee with respect to a committee member will result in a recusal from the selection process for that year and a replacement committee member will be appointed. Each application must be reviewed by at least two reviewers.

In addition, committee members shall not advise any party regarding preparation of proposals or applications to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest or undue influence. Committee members shall not author letters of endorsement for applications they will later be asked to review. Committee members must disclose all situations or areas in which it might appear that they have a conflict of interest.

How to Apply

Send the following application materials directly to the member-at-large for early career professionals:

  • letter of nomination
  • current CV

The Div. 37 awards committee will make award decisions by July 1.

Annual deadline is June 1. 

Past Recipients


Adam Weissman, PhD


Brandi Liles, PhD


Emily Graze, PsyD, ABPP, LCPC


Jill McLeigh, PhD

Honorable Mention: Christy Olezeski, PhD


Margaret Stevenson, PhD

Honorable Mention: Sangeeta Parikshak, PhD

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