Student Poster Award

This award is for graduate students who have submitted exemplary posters to the APA Annual Convention.

Sponsor: Div. 37


The student must be the first author of the paper.

How to Apply

See Call for Convention Proposals for poster presentation submission requirements. Note that all student first-author posters accepted under Div. 37 APA programming are automatically entered into consideration for the Division Student Poster Awards.

Your poster will be evaluated on the following dimensions during the poster session:

  1. Scientific, technical or clinical importance.
  2. Originality/creativity of the work.
  3. Adequacy of the research design and methods.
  4. Quality of the conclusions drawn from results.
  5. Quality of the visual presentation.
Past Recipients


  • Amanda Ferrara
    "Early Maltreatment, Sampling Variability, and Dysregulation: Application of Orthogonal Contrasts in a GLM Framework"
  • Maya Cook
    "Father Involvement and Depressive Symptoms in a Diverse, Low-Income Sample of Unmarried Mothers"


  • Anisa P. Yudawanti, BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
    "Safeguarding children: Measuring the impact of witnessing parental arrest"

  • Katie J. Stone, MA, University of Kansas 
    "Factor analysis of the Family Environment Scale among youth in foster care"

  • Mary A. Hershberger, MA, University of New Mexico 
    "Does perspective matter? Problem behaviors and academic achievement in maltreated adolescents" (Section on Child Maltreatment Poster Winner)


  • Cynthia Lang, Texas A&M
    "Relationship between gender and multiple informant reports of internalizing symptoms in adolescents"

  • Sabrina R. Liu, University of California at Santa Barbara
    "Patterns of Adversity and Pathways to Health Among Ethnic Minority Youth"

  • Jordann Rawlins, California State University, Northridge
    "Coping Strategies Among Emancipated Foster Youth: Contributions of Placement Timing and Type" (Section on Child Maltreatment Poster Winner)


  • Frannsy Zablah, The Catholic University of America
    "Income Inequality and School-based Services for African American Young Children and Families."

  • Vanessa Fuentes, The Catholic University of America
    "Examining the Influence of an Early Childhood Steam Intervention with Bilingual Children."

  • Stephanie Gusler, University of Kansas
    "The Role of Poly-Victimization in Predicting Differences in Foster Youth's Appraisals.” (Section on Child Maltreatment Poster Winner)


  • Lauren Hindt, Loyola University
    "Optimism as a Moderator for Positive Affect and Behavioral Problems Among Children in Foster Care."

  • Lindsay Huffhines, University of Kansas
    "Coping as a Moderator Between Child Maltreatment, Major Life Stress Events, and Youth Adjustment." (Section on Child Maltreatment Poster Winner).


  • Grace Jhe, Loyola University Chicago
    The Protective Effect of Kinship Support on the Adjustment of Youth in Foster Care

  • Mara Gustafson, Northwestern University
    Predictors of Caregiver Engagement in Family Preservation Services Over Time (Section on Child Maltreatment poster winner)


  • Casey Dillon, University of Alabama
    Peer Victimization, Externalizing and Internalizing, and Verbal Assertion Moderation Across Time

  • Elena Doskey, Texas A & M University
    Help, I Need Somebody! Reported Needs of Parents of Children 0 to 3 with Chronic Conditions

  • Christina Danko, DePaul University
    In Home Parent-Child Interaction Therapy with Foster Parents and Children in Foster Care

  • Linda McWhorter, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    The associations between caregiver psychological disorders, parenting behavior, and severity of child maltreatment among physically abusive caregivers. (Section on Child Maltreatment poster winner)


  • Lilia Mucka, Wayne State University
    Barriers to Parent Adherence to Assessment Recommendations

  • Jordan Daylor, University of California, San Diego
    Policy Through Practice Perspectives of Factors Influencing EBP Implementation in Youth Services

  • Kathleen S. Tillman
    Factors Influencing Whether or Not School Counselors Report Childhood Physical Abuse(Section on Child Maltreatment Winner; Note: Due to a miscommunication, the 2013 section poster award went to a PhD first-authored poster rather than a student first-authored poster)


  • Laura E. Miller, MS, University of Michigan
    Child Sex Predicts to Change in Aggressive Behavior toward a Sibling

  • Brittany L. Jordan-Arthur, BA, University of South Florida
    The Differential Health and Mental Health Care Utilization of Adopted Children: Findings From a Nationally Representative Sample

  • Sara L. Stromeyer, MA, University of Alabama
    Relationships Between Multiple-Informant Aggression, Social Problems, and Inconsistent Discipline (Section on Child Maltreatment Poster Winner)


  • Briana L. Anderson, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    Therapist Motivation for Gaining PCIT Training and Its Effects on Treatment Outcome
    Sponsor: Beverly Funderbunk, PhD

  • Justin A. Lavner, University of California—Los Angeles
    Child and Parent Adjustment Over Time in Gay and Straight Families Adopting from Foster Care
    Sponsor: Jill Waterman, PhD

  • Diane Wach Miller, Human Development/Family Life Development Center, Cornell University
    Identifying Precursors to Borderline Personality Disorder Among Maltreated Youth
    Sponsor: John J. Eckenrode, PhD


  • Colin B. King
    Comparing Child Abuse Referrals Received from Educators to Other Professionals

  • Jonathan I. Martinez
    How Parents' Social Networks Influence Youth Mental Health Service Use

  • Sara L. Stromeyer
    Inflation of Competencies and Academic Outcomes in Aggressive Children


  • Stephanie T. Snow
    Mothers' Attributions Predict Concurrent and Longitudinal Mother-Child Interaction Quality

  • Lisa A. De La Rue
    An Alternative to Incarcerating Youth: Developing Programs that Decrease Recidivism and Strengthen Family Relationships

Date created: 2014