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New Div. 37 journal

Division 37 is working with Springer Publications for the creation of a new Division 37 journal, Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice.

Div. 37 has signed a contract for a division-sponsored publication with Springer Publications entitled Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice. The publication will consist of a single monograph or a cohesive collection of papers that the publisher will include in its SpringerBriefs series. “A mark of a vigorous organization is its development of informational resources to help members do their work,” said Division 37 President Michael Roberts. “For the Society for Child and Family Policy and Practice, we no longer had publication outlets to provide these resources or to publish our work in this field. A primary consideration during the process was to keep the costs minimal to the members while developing a quality product as our hallmark.”

Electronic access to the publication will be free for Div. 37 members. “We wanted to have more products and activities for the current members to see value in their membership dues, but also to have benefits to attract new members to sustain the division in the future,” said Roberts. “Having digital access at no cost to the division members fulfills our multiple needs. The survey that we conducted over the last year with our members provided input to our deliberations.”

The search for a new editor has begun and Roberts said he hopes the first issue will be published sometime in 2013.

“There has long been noted a relative lack of publications in the child and family topical areas covered by our Society that are related to policy and practice,” said Roberts. “There are many more journals publishing empirical research and less available on policy in general or implications of psychological research for policy and practice.”

Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice will serve as a forum for discussion of issues related to social policy and services for children, adolescents, and their families with a particular emphasis on a psychosocial perspective. All briefs will deal with policy analysis and implications at the local, state, national, and/or international level. Articles will include: literature and conceptual review papers; analyses of policy trends; evaluations of programs, policies, and systems; case examples of public and private policy issues; and advocacy needs, successes and failures, to demonstrate applications where psychological expertise might be applied.

Submissions to Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice can be solicited by the editor, or initiated by the author. Prospective authors might inquire about the editor’s interest in a potential topic before preparing and submitting a manuscript. All submissions will be peer reviewed by the editorial board. Each issue is expected to include literature reviews of the topics, the policy and practice implications of the topic, and a one-two page summary to be used for public advocacy.

Topics of interest will include organization of service programs, service delivery through different systems, implementation, impact and evaluation. A variety of youthrelated service programs and topics can be the focus of a brief, including but not limited to (1) child mental health programs and policy; (2) mental health screening/service needs in child welfare; (3) child maltreatment; (4) education, early childhood education, evaluation and publicly-funded pre-K; (5) health (e.g., integration of mental health within primary care settings); and (6) juvenile justice.