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Div. 37 liaisons needed

Consider becoming a Div. 37 liaison.

By Anita Thomas, PhD

Have you ever thought about or considered ways for you to participate or contribute to Div. 37? Are you an ECP looking for ways to learn more about division and APA governance structure? Non-tenured professor looking for light service opportunities? Clinician looking to diversify activities to avoid burnout? Then, consider becoming a Div. 37 liaison. We currently have openings for Div. 43 (Society for Family Psychology), Div. 56 (Trauma Psychology), Div. 41 (American Psychology-Law Society), Interdivisional Coalition on Psychology in Schools and Education, and the Committee on International Relations in Psychology.

Liaisons duties include the following:

  • Meeting with the other organization at APA and Midwinter meetings to represent the division.
  • Participating in the formulation of conjoint activities involving Div. 37 and the other organizations (e.g., task forces, position statements, joint programming for the APA convention on topics of mutual interest).
  • Report to the Div. 37 Board of Directors (BOD) concerning the nature of the other organization's activities and receive feedback from the BOD concerning future objectives. Written reports should be disseminated to the BOD twice yearly, just prior to each BOD meeting.

If interested, please contact Anita Thomas at (312) 915-7403 by July 15, 2014.