Div. 54 APA convention board of directors meeting minutes

Abridged meeting minutes from Aug. 7, 2014 meeting at APA convention in Washington, D.C.

By Amy Damashek
Congressional update from Craig Fisher: Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, APA Science Directorate

The Science Directorate is sending psychological scientists out to Congress people's home districts to increase awareness of psychologists' activities. Scientists have been to 18-19 states and have met with psychologists, senators and representatives. Some of the Congressional representatives have visited psychology labs in their respective states.

Update on APA Council - Sandra Bishop

Council meetings have mostly focused on the Good Governance Project, which is a movement to change the structure of council. There was a suggestion to grow the Children's Caucus to move children's issues to the forefront of the Council.

Update from Keith Cooke, Publications Manager, APA Division Services

Keith Cooke updated on ways in which he can help the division (e.g., assisting with membership processing, etc.).

Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice – Barbara Fiese

Barbara would like to expand the editorial board and is looking for volunteers. She would like to only give one review per year.

There will be two publications coming out by the end of this year or early next year; the first will be on corporal punishment, and the second will be on children's contact with incarcerated parents.

Publication Policy – Sharon Portwood

Sharon reviewed problems that the division has had because we don't have a policy on publication endorsement. Sharon proposed making changes to our policy so that the division does not endorse publications but can sponsor task force products and include appropriate disclaimers (e.g., the report doesn't necessarily reflect the opinion of the division). We also need to clarify what happens with task forces, such as what products they will produce. Sharon suggested that the division board be a more active part of the process from the beginning and that our Advocacy MAL can be involved. When we receive task force reports we can use the same process as the APA Council – we can decide to receive, refer (if more work needs to be done), or reject a report. The Board agreed that they are in support of moving forward in this direction. Sharon and Amy will work together to draft specific language for the officer's manual about this policy.

Budgetary Issues – Bill

We discussed the idea of supporting all task forces with a small amount of money from the outset (e.g., $250 per year). Paula made a motion for the division to provide up to $250 per year for task forces. Amy seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously. Anita will communicate that with task forces. Bill will revise the budget accordingly.

Proposals from ECP Committee - Paula Fite

The ECP committee would like to offer two awards to improve ECP membership, including a research award and a service award. Paula will discuss it with the ECP committee and will develop an amount for the awards.

Student Publication Award – Linda McWhorter

The student board is proposing a student publication award. We discussed who would review submissions. We agreed to keep the past president as the chair or the past president will designate someone to be the chair. The president elect would also be a reviewer. The board thought that $250 would be an appropriate amount for the award.

Report from Advocate Editor - Julie Cohen

Advocate format: Julie asked whether we would like to continue creating PDFs of the newsletter or whether we would like for APA to publish an E-document and post it on our website. If we allow APA to do it, it is easier for the editor, but takes 10 business days to post. Also, the APA E-document cannot be printed. Julie will check whether or not the E-document can be archived.

Update from Lauren Fasig - Director of Children, Youth and Families

The committee voted to institute early career and mid-career awards, and they are waiting on BAPPI approval. The awards will be APA awards and will come with plaques, but not monetary awards. They will be awarded at convention. Calls for nominations will come out in the fall, and the deadline will be Jan. 31. They will be awarded in 2015.

Lauren reported that the best way to get new initiatives is through new business items. The committee is open to having new business items brought to them. Divisions can propose new business items and can submit them through Lauren. The committee is open to collaborating.

CYF cosponsored the APA/ABA conference on family violence and the IOM Forum on Promoting Children's Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Health .

The LGBT office received a cooperative agreement from the CDC on safe schools. The agreement focuses on issues of parental engagement in schools and bullying prevention. Lauren is on the steering committee; let Lauren know if you have suggestions for research and programming.

CYF is staffing a task force on violent media; they are working on final products that will be on the cross-cutting agenda for the consolidated meetings and will go to APA Council.

The Section on Child Maltreatment is helping with editing online sexual abuse materials that are outdated.

Lauren was invited to go to a Mexican Congress about sexualization of girls, which is a huge concern in Mexico. Lauren also spoke to the Education Ministry in Guadalajara about parental engagement. There is a problem with middle school youth dropping out and committing suicide. The education Ministry would like to increase parental engagement and foster adolescent social and emotional health.

Sunsetting policies and division involvement: CYF did their review and gave recommendations to BAPPI who will take them to Council by Oct. 15. Council will decide what they want to do with them; then the list of the policies to act on will come back to CYF. At that point divisions can be involved if revision is needed. If there are resolutions that need to be updated, the division can bring them to CYF.

The CYF nomination deadline is Aug. 30. Sharon suggested that our MAL for advocacy be connected with Lauren.

Officer Nominations

In 2015 we will elect a new president and MAL for task force coordination and diversity; nominations are needed. Nominations are also needed for the Nicholas Hobbs Award and Child Advocacy Award; nominations are due on Aug. 30.

Report from Past President - John Lochman

The Willis Award is a relatively new award; last year was the first year that it was awarded. The award comes through the American Psychological Foundation. It is an interdivisional award. Div. 37 is the lead division and is working with Divs. 53 and 54. We need a procedure in place for selecting people for the award. John provided a draft of procedures to consider adding to the officer's manual.

Finance - Bill Rae

The finance committee met yesterday regarding long-term investments. Amy Greene (the incoming treasurer) found some great options. The finance committee will decide how to proceed.

Report on Task Forces/Liaisons and Diversity - Anita Jones Thomas

There are two liaison openings. Div. 41 will try to appoint a liaison. At the Midwinter meeting we can discuss the option of being a monitor versus a liaison.

Membership Chair - Amy Shadoin

Based on memberships processed through July, we have 685 total members. Our growth has been in student affiliates, who typically join for free. We need to grow the paid member group.

We discussed ways to increase membership. People can now apply for membership online.

MAL for Advocacy - Lewis Lipsitt

Lew has been involved in local activities in Rhode Island and will capitalize on those experiences. He is connected with the Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence and RI Kids Count (was president for five years). Sharon suggested that Lew write an advocacy column for the Advocate and get the advocacy committee reinvigorated, including students and ECP's (connect with Paula and Linda). Kristy from the ECP Committee has been in contact with Lew. The committee might consider conducting an advocacy training. Sharon indicated that the advocacy committee should be linked to task forces. Mary Ann indicated that perhaps we arrange meetings on the Hill during the midwinter meeting.

ECP MAL - Paula Fite

The ECP committee is focusing on recruitment. They created an ECP link for the division website that includes information for ECP's (e.g., how to get licensed, how to get on an insurance panel, etc.). They will add awards to the website. The committee is presenting a poster today to recruit ECP's. They partnered with The Section on Child Maltreatment fundraiser and rented a room at City Tap House –the first 50 people get a free drink.

Student Representative - Linda McWhorter

Linda recently became a member of the division Student Representative Network through the APA office to support students in leadership roles. She went to a lunch yesterday during which people shared a lot of best practices. Linda got some good ideas for the student board. The student board will be holding elections this fall.

MAL for Communications & Technology - Maggie Stevenson

The website is up and running and looks great. The listserv membership has increased a little. Mary Ann suggested adding something to the website banner such as a picture of the birthday party or pictures from the Presidential symposium.

Continuing Education issue - Sharon Portwood

We supported the nomination of three people for the CE committee. We sent a separate letter from the division and also signed onto a letter that was sent on behalf of behalf of ABCT and several other divisions.

CODAPAR 2013 - John Lochman

John met with the committee yesterday. They are planning thematic analyses for surveys and follow-up phone interviews. They are trying to decide where to publish, possibly in Advances in Child and Family Policy and Practice.

CODAPAR 2014 – Sharon Portwood

There was symposium discussing opportunities regarding the Affordable Care Act. The group held another forum that went very well. Sharon suggested that the work could be connected to IOM work.

Fellows Chair – Bette Bottoms

Bette Bottoms, our fellows chair, was not able to be present at the meeting. However, she is actively recruiting new fellow applicants. The division welcomes applications for fellow status.

Report from President Elect - Mary Ann McCabe

Mary Ann attended the child divisions breakfast this morning. Mary Ann distributed hard copies of the IDTF Summit report.

The summit planning committee talked about ways to spend their money. Some ideas were to translate the report into Spanish, make bookmarks for parents, or collaborate more with the CDC regarding their website. The summit had a meeting yesterday and talked about the need for a central website. The IDTF and child division president elects may bring IDTF and child division people together for a CODAPAR grant for some kind of concrete resource, possibly a link to the CDC website.

The IOM forum has held two workshops that focused on evidence-based prevention. The next workshop will be on measurement. The following workshop will be in spring 2015 on the Affordable Care Act. Mary Ann is chairing a learning collaborative on this.


Vote on budget items: We allocated $200 for the Education Leadership Conference – Bill suggested allocating $1200. Bill suggested increasing the amount for APA Division Services from $1200 to $1400. These two changes add $2300 to our deficit. Bill made the motion to approve the whole budget, Anita seconded – the board voted to approve it.