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Nominations for Div. 37 fellows welcome

Please nominate or self-nominate for Div. 37 fellow status.

By Bette L. Bottoms, PhD

Nominations for fellow status in Div. 37 are invited from members. Self-nominations are welcome. APA fellow status requires evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in psychology that has had a national impact beyond a local, state or regional level. Deadline: Nov. 1, 2015

Division criteria for fellowship are broad ranging, reflecting the diverse roles and interest areas of members involved with child, youth, family policy and practice. Examples of significant contributions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Publication of research, policy statements or position papers in refereed journals; book chapters; invited articles, monographs or newsletters.
  • Authorship or editorship of books; Editorial Board or editorship of psychological journals or monograph series related to the field.
  • Outstanding teaching/training (e.g., innovative course/curriculum development with documented impact).
  • Advocacy on behalf of children, youth and families that made a nationally visible contribution (e.g., published research, scholarly or popular writing, public speaking or testimony, lobbying, preparation of legal briefs, etc.).
  • Elected, appointed, and volunteer positions in professional or policy-oriented committees, commissions or psychological organizations.
  • Consultation with court, legislatures, schools or other systems that impact children and families.
  • Outstanding performance as a director/coordinator of an agency, or provider of psychological services that resulted in unique service delivery models to children, youth and families.

Nomination procedure for initial fellows: All initial fellow applications are now submitted via the new fellows online application platform that has replaced the paper-based process. Refer to APA's website for application information.

Nomination procedure for Div. 37 members who are fellows of other divisions: Approval by the Div. 37 Fellows Committee is sufficient to become a fellow of Div. 37. To apply, send a copy of your vita and self-statement outlining your contributions. Be sure to place an “R” beside refereed publications.

Questions? Contact Bette L. Bottoms, PhD, chair, Div. 37 Fellows Committee.