Voice of Students

Student board news

The student board introduces its 2015 representatives and discusses new initiatives.

By Adam Miller

I am delighted to serve as your graduate student representative for the 2015 calendar year. I would like to formally introduce you to our student board this year. These student members have already been working incredibly hard as they also served in 2014. I am honored to work alongside such dedicated colleagues.

  • Rebecca Kanine, MA, programming committee co-chair, sixth year, University of Kansas, clinical child psychology.
  • Angela Tunno, MS, programming committee co-chair, sixth year, University of Kansas, clinical child psychology.
  • Spencer Evans, MA, communications co-chair, fifth year, University of Kansas, clinical child psychology.
  • Erin Swedish, MA, communications co-chair, sixth year, University of Toledo, clinical psychology.
  • Cameron Powe, social media subcommittee chair, fourth year, University of Alabama, clinical child psychology.

I am particularly excited to announce that the executive board of Div. 37 has approved our social media policies that were drafted by the Student Communications Committee. We will soon increase the presence of Div. 37 through such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The students have been working with the board for a while on these policies and procedures, and we could not be more excited to help increase the presence of Div. 37 to educate our colleagues about all the good work our division does. Our current student board members deserve full recognition for all their hard work on this. Stay tuned for our social media accounts.

In addition to increasing our social media presence for the entire division, the student board has several other goals for the 2015 year. We hope to elect new student board members this spring to start July 1. Please see our call for applications in this issue of The Advocate. We have an exciting new student research award that we will be announcing soon as well. This award will be created to fund a research project from a student with a particular emphasis on research that informs child and family policy. Similar to years past, we will also work with other APA divisions to plan a social hour at the APA Convention in Toronto for the fall. Finally, we are always looking for new members. Please reach out to your colleagues and encourage them to get involved with us.

If you are interested in getting more involved in Div. 37, please reach out to me. We look forward to helping you get involved.