Content Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts may be submittedSubmit manuscripts electronically by emailing them to the current Advocate Editor, Julie Cohen. All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board.

Articles must be in English and competently written and argued. They generally should not exceed six double-spaced pages in length, including references, tables, and figures. Use 12-point font and one-inch margins.

Articles published cover all topics related to child and family policy and practice. Submissions should be current, timely, and of interest to the Div. 37 membership. The Advocate often publishes special sections or special issues on particular topics. If we are seeking submissions for a special issue, the topic will be posted on the Div. 37 website and/or the topic will be emailed to the Div. 37 email list.

The Advocate is a forum and articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Div. 37 Board. For manuscripts that are accepted for publication that advocate policies that are controversial and/or counter to those of Div. 37, we reserve the right to publish an accompanying article articulating an alternative point of view.

Comments on the policies of the division and articles published in The Advocate are also considered. We suggest comments be submitted no later than two months from the date of the issue containing the article to which they respond; they should meet the same criteria for original articles and should make a reasonable and substantial contribution to the discussion of the topic.

Independent comments (i.e., those unrelated to a specific published Advocate article or special issue) and comments on matters of policy or on issues facing Div. 37 are also considered. Comments must be limited to 1,000 words (about five pages) and should contain no more than 10 references. A comment is reviewed by the editorial board and, if accepted, may be accompanied by an invited response from the authors of the original article.