Curricula Guides

The Section on Child Maltreatment has developed curricula guides for instructors of graduate, undergraduate and secondary schools.

Curriculum Guide for Education on Child Maltreatment

The section has developed a graduate and undergraduate curriculum guide (PDF, 400KB) to help professors and lecturers who want to incorporate information about child abuse and neglect into their teaching of graduate and undergraduate students. The guide includes introductory and advanced resources on a variety of child maltreatment topics including:

  1. Definitions of child maltreatment. 
  2. Incidence and prevalence rates.
  3. Causes of child maltreatment.
  4. Consequences associated with child maltreatment.
  5. Treatment issues.
  6. Prevention. 
  7. Legal issues.

The curriculum guide also provides resources on controversial issues in the field of child maltreatment and provides current online resources on the topic. Not only is the guide especially helpful to those who are teaching on topics related to child maltreatment, but it is also useful as a resource concerning issues and influential articles in the field.

An Introduction to Child Maltreatment

The purpose of this curriculum (PDF, 151KB) is to provide teachers of psychology in secondary schools with information related to teaching about the topic of child maltreatment. Because most introductory psychology textbooks provide very limited information on this topic, teachers need supplemental materials that provide specific information about child maltreatment and suggestions for approaching this topic with students. Once teachers are equipped with information and resources on child maltreatment, they can then disseminate information on the topic to their students.

Date created: 2014