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The following awards and grants are sponsored by Div. 39.

  • Diversity Award
    This award recognizes an individual who has made important contributions in expanding knowledge and advancing issues of diversity within psychoanalytic psychology and/or psychoanalysis.

  • Early Career Professional Paper Award
    This award is given to the best paper submission for the Div. 39 Spring Meeting by a participant who is within the first seven years after training.

  • Founders Award
    This award honors an individual who has dedicated him/herself to the advancement of psychoanalysis, and has made enduring contributions to psychoanalytic psychology and/or psychoanalysis influencing generations of psychoanalytic psychologists, through research, scholarship, practice, supervision, and/or mentoring.

  • Johanna K. Tabin Press Book Proposal Prize
    The aim of this prize is to encourage psychoanalytic writing by Div. 39 members who have yet to publish a psychoanalytic book.

  • Leadership Award
    This award is given to a person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership by service to Div. 39, and to activities advancing psychoanalytic psychology and/or psychoanalysis.

  • Scholarship and Research Award
    This award is given to a person who has made significant contributions in advancing psychoanalytic psychology in the areas of theory, practice, and/or research.

  • Stephen Mitchell Award
    Established by Psychoanalytic Psychology and the Board of the Division of Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology, the award honors our esteemed colleague as well as a graduate student whose paper is deemed exemplary by a panel of judges.

Date created: 2011