Contact Div. 39

The division administrator provides key services to our leadership and to the members of the division. In addition to coordinating meetings for the Executive Committee and division Board of Directors, our administrator is able to help both members and nonmembers of the division. The following is a list of the main services our administrator offers:

If you are a member...
  • And you are not receiving Div. 39 publications, (e.g. Psychoanalytic Psychology, Division/Review). 

  • Or you are not receiving regular announcements from our email list. 

  • Or you are unable to access our online publication, Psychoanalytic Abstracts. 

  • Or you are interested in learning how to subscribe to PEP/Web.

If you are not a member...
  • And would like to join the Division of Psychoanalysis, please contact Ruth Helein.

Mailing Address

Division of Psychoanalysis (Div. 39)
P.O. Box 41668
Phoenix, AZ 85080

For FedEx/Packages and large mail pieces:

Division of Psychoanalysis (Div. 39)
1902 W. Union Hills, Unit 41668
Phoenix, AZ 85027