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Candidate Outreach Committee

The aim of the Candidate Outreach Committee is to identify and represent the needs of current and prospective psychoanalytic candidates as well as all those who wish to promote and contribute to the longevity of psychoanalytic training within Div. 39. We also wish to foster mentorship connections among candidates and senior analysts worldwide. The committee works to create opportunities for candidates to meet and discuss issues they face in psychoanalytic training and to facilitate candidate participation in conference programming. We welcome your input and collaboration in order to develop stronger relationships among general Div. 39 membership and candidates as well as between candidates and senior analysts. Our overarching goal is to help foster the growth and longevity of psychoanalysis as it contributes to the lessening of human suffering and the enrichment of the human experience.

The Candidate Outreach Committee invites you to join our email list, DIV39CANDSERV, an expanding resource through which to hear about relevant events, and to connect with current and prospective candidates and learn about mentorship opportunities between candidates and senior analysts.

Committee Members

To learn more, visit the Div. 39 member Candidate Outreach Committee webpage.
Date created: 2011