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Humanities & Psychoanalysis Committee

Formed as a standing committee in 2013, the priority of the Humanities and Psychoanalysis Committee is to advance the creation, communication and cross fertilization of knowledge in the humanities and psychoanalysis to the mutual benefit of both domains and to improve application of such for division members. The humanities are here defined as scholarship encompassing philosophy, literature and languages, the arts, history, and also biography and theology.


  • Billie Pivnick (co-chair)
  • Romy Reading (co-chair)
  • Diana Diamond
  • Mary Joan Gerson
  • Neil Grill
  • Heath Hendon
  • Heather-Ayn Indelicato
  • Eliot Jurist
  • David Lichtenstein
  • Paul Martin
  • Stephanie McEwan
  • Trisha Ready
  • Andrea Recarter
  • Henry Seiden
  • Arlene (Lu) Steinberg
  • Matthew Steinfeld
  • Frank Summers
  • Marilyn Charles, ex-officio
Date created: 2013