Committee on International Relations in Psychoanalytic Psychology

The Committee on International Relations in Psychoanalytic Psychology comprises an international roster of members from diverse backgrounds. The objective of the committee is to promote psychoanalytic psychology internationally, to support and encourage cross-cultural exchanges between members of the division and the international psychology community and increase the number of international affiliates.

Committee Members

  • Kris Yi, PhD, PsyD (co-chair)
  • Yianna Ioannou, PhD (co-chair)
  • Simge Vural, PhD Candidate (secretary)
  • Marilyn Jacobs, PhD
  • Marilyn Metzl
  • Neal Rubin, PhD
  • Mary Joan Gerson, PhD
  • Maryam Vadjed Samiei, PsyD
  • Felix Salomon, PhD
  • Isabella Sierra, PhD Candidate
  • Line Brotnow
  • Amy Reale
Task Force on International Membership Liaisons
  • Isabella Sierra for the Committee on Psychoanalysis and International Relations of APA (APA-CIRP)
  • Mary Joan Gerson for the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
International Scholars/Friends of the Committee
  • Keiichi Narita
  • María Mirón Álvarez
  • Beatriz Garcia Ruiz
  • Marten Hammarlund
  • Fernanda Sofio Woolcott
  • Xiaochang Huang
  • Tricia Wong

History of Div. 39 and International Psychology

Div. 39 had an active Committee on International Relations in the 1990s. The mandate for this committee was to promote psychoanalytic psychology in international realms. This committee was successful in arranging cross-cultural exchanges among scholars from various areas of the world and bringing those individuals to spring meetings. The tenure of this initial committee ended in 2000. It then became a task force under the leadership of Marilyn Jacobs. It is now a committee once again.

APA and International Relations in Psychology

APA has a vibrant and impressive Committee on International Relations in Psychology (CIRP), which was established as a standing committee after World War II. The mission of CIRP is "to foster interactions of all kinds between psychologists in the US and their colleagues abroad, to promote an international perspective within psychology, to promote the role of psychology within international program, policy and educational settings, and to monitor the rights of psychologists and the use of psychological knowledge internationally. CIRP accomplishes this mission through a variety of programs and activities." Since the 1990s, Div. 39 has had a liaison to CIRP.

Email List

The Committee on International Relations in Psychoanalytic Psychology has an email list open to members of Div. 39. If you are interested in joining the list, please send an email with your name, mailing address and affiliation to the Committee on International Relations in Psychoanalytic.

Date created: 2011

Recommended Reading

The International Relations Committee has assembled a list of references which is intended to provide a wide variety of scholarly resources for members of Div. 39 traveling abroad for teaching purposes and/or for international affiliates who peruse the website and could find this listing of value.