The Executive Committee is charged to handle the affairs of the division between meetings and consists of the five officers (president, president-elect, past president, treasurer and secretary) and division representative to APA Council.

Div. 39 Officers
  • President: Dennis Debiak, PsyD

  • President-Elect: V. Barry Dauphin, PhD, ABPP

  • Past President: Marilyn Charles, PhD

  • Secretary: Dana Charatan, PsyD

  • Treasurer: Jill Bellinson, PhD

Representatives to APA Council
  • Arlene “Lu” Steinberg, PsyD

  • Bryant Welch, PhD 

  • Mary Beth Cresci, PhD 

  • David Downing, PsyD 

  • Steven Reisner, PhD 

  • Stephen Soldz, PhD 

  • Jonathan Eger, PsyD 

  • Colin Ennis, PsyD 

  • Devon King, PhD

  • Matthew LeRoy 

  • Johanna Malone, PhD 

  • JoAnn Ponder, PhD 

  • Scott Pytluk, PhD, ABPP 

  • Shara Sand, PsyD 

  • Kirkland Vaughans, PhD 

Section Representative to Division Board
  • Section I: Albert Brok, PhD

  • Section II: Virginia Shiller, PhD

  • Section III: Marilyn Metzl, PhD ABPP

  • Section IV: Joseph Schaller, PsyD

  • Section V: Michael Jones, PsyD

  • Section VIII: Antonia Halton, PhD

  • Section IX: Alice Shaw, PhD

Committee Chairs, Liaisons, etc.
  • Archives of Div. 39: Marilyn Jacobs, PhD

  • Awards: Usha Tummala-Narra

  • Candidates Outreach: Ricardo Rieppi and Hannah Ray Weiss, MA

  • Continuing Education: Paul Martin

  • Division Liaison to Div. 35  (Society for the Psychology of Women): Leilani Salvo Crane

  • Early Career Psychologists: Gregory Stevens and Helen DeVinney

  • Education and Training: Barry Dauphin and David Downing

  • Ethics and Professional Issues: Joyce Slochower

  • Executive Admin: Ruth Helein

  • Federal Advocacy Coordinator: Marilyn N. Metzl

  • Fellows: David Ramirez

  • Finance: Arlene (Lu) Steinberg

  • Graduate Students: Anna Marie Baldauf and Zane Dodd

  • International Relations: Marilyn Jacobs and Ken Reich

  • Liaison to CAPP and IG: Jaine Darwin

  • Liaison to the Board and Committees of APA: Marilyn N. Metzl

  • Membership: Devon King and Daphny Ainslie

  • Multicultural Concerns: Sanjay Nath and Leilani Salvo Crane

  • Nominations & Elections: Marilyn Charles

  • Parliamentarian: Joseph Schaller

  • Program Committee: Colin Ennis

  • Psychoanalysis and Community: Judie Alpert

  • Psychoanalysis and Healthcare: Maureen O'Reilly-Landry and Eric Sherman
  • Psychoanalysis and the Humanities: Billie Pivnick and Romy Reading

  • Psychoanalytic Consortium: Dennis Debiak

  • Publications: Henry Seiden

  • Public Relations: Ankhesenamun Marioni

  • Sexuality and Gender Identities: Scott Pytluk and Shara Sand

  • Specialization and Accreditation: Not currently active