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Task Forces

The task forces created by Div. 39 include the Diversity Task Force, the Internet Task Force, the Task Force on Basic Human Rights and the Task Force on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis.

Current Task Forces

Task Force on the Archives of Div. 39

Formed to collect materials which reflect the history of Div. 39, to encourage scholarship among the members when the collection is assembled and to establish a means to promote awareness in future generations of the importance of Div. 39 to psychoanalysis.  We are working with the APA Archives Department to digitize and make available historical materials.  We welcome relevant items - guidelines for these contributions are available.  Please send a list of all contributions to Ruth Helein.

We use our task force blog to encourage contributions on topics related to the history of Div. 39.


  • Marilyn S. Jacobs, PhD (chair)
  • William MacGillivray, PhD (Div. 39 historian/archivist)
  • Dana Charatan, PsyD
  • Dennis Debiak, PsyD

Previous Task Forces

  • Diversity Task Force
    The Diversity Task Force (DTF) was established in 2009 to develop a “report card” assessing whether the Committees and the Board of the Division are representative of the many constituencies within the division and are providing an inviting environment to attract potential members of various diverse backgrounds.

  • Internet Task Force
    For a number of years, the website served as a useful source of information, primarily for active division members to keep track of important activities in the division. Increasingly, however, new services were added, including allowing colleagues to join the division, register for our Spring Meeting, and recently, submit proposals to the Spring Meeting Program Committee. These and other needs multiplied far beyond the resources of the website. As a result, at the Division Board of Directors (BoD) Meeting in April 2010, Mary Beth Cresci appointed an Internet Task Force to gather information from division members and leaders concerning their perceived needs for the web site, to review possible designs and seek bids from designers, and so on. The Task Force finished its work and reported to the BoD in August 2010.

  • Task Force on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis
    The mission of the Task Force was to influence the perception and understanding of psychoanalysis as a discipline and as a therapeutic treatment among members of Div. 39. The Task Force on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis became the Committee on Public Relations in Psychoanalysis.

Date created: 2011