Guidelines For Submitting Items Relevant To Div. 39 History

APA has an Archive Department associated with the APA library and their staff will collect, maintain and preserve information of permanent historical value related to APA and its affiliates, including divisions.

Relevant materials are:

  • Official correspondence and replies by officers and chairs
  • Published materials (books, journals, newsletters, brochures, posters)
  • Calls for submission to spring and APA meetings
  • Division programming for spring meetings and APA meetings
  • Committee, section and task force minutes of meetings and conference calls and reports
  • Proceedings and events related to the functioning of local chapters
  • Reports of participation in APA-related activities (council, committees and task forces)
  • Rosters and membership directories
  • Photographs of division events, officers and members
  • Other materials which are of historical interest

Materials which are not of interest are:

  • Meeting room schedules
  • Personal items
  • Drafts
  • Email exchanges,
  • Handwritten notes
  • Blank and duplicate forms
  • Guidance from APA headquarters

Please send a list of such materials which you possess to Ruth Helein at the Div. 39 Central Office. If we do not have the materials, we request that you send Ruth original documents. These will be returned after APA has archived them.