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PEP-WEB at a Reduced Rate for Members

Did you know that as a member of Div. 39 (regular member or affiliate) you are eligible to subscribe to the PEP-WEB for $69 a year?

The PEP-WEB is the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing Company's searchable online database of psychoanalytic writings. It includes full-text articles from all the major psychoanalytic journals, the entire Standard Edition of Freud, and some seminal texts and relevant newsletters. It is updated regularly to include all journal articles up to three years before the current date.

PEP-WEB is an Indispensable Scholarly Resource

The $69 yearly subscription is a huge saving over the cost of purchasing access on your own. The division pays a large yearly fee to PEP to provide individual subscriptions for its members.

We urge you to take advantage of this membership benefit. Once you join the division, your information will be sent to PEP-WEB. Within two weeks, your PEP-WEB unique login, along with complete instructions for subscribing to PEP-WEB through the Div. 39 discount, will be sent to you.  

For more information, contact the Division Central Office.

Date created: 2011