The Psychoanalytic Activist

A newsletter of Division 39, Section IX
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A Message From the Editors

By Ghislaine Boulanger, PhD, and Ruth Fallenbaum, PhD The Psychoanalytic Activist March 2011

The editors discuss the features in this issue.

In This Issue

  • A Message From the Section IX President
    Current President Alice Lowe Shaw talks about Section IX activities, as well as a range of projects recently undertaken by section members.
    By Alice Lowe Shaw, PhD
  • The Psychology and Politics of Privilege
    Lynne Layton examines how the problems of social and economic inequality in our culture permeate countertransference in ways that are often ignored.
    By Lynne Layton, PhD
  • Constitución Revisited
    Ana Lia Stutman, translated by Susan Mailer, reviews her follow-up trip to this Chilean city, devastated in last year’s earthquake. She describes her work with 18 high school students who were doing poorly academically and showing signs of post traumatic stress in the aftermath of the earthquake.
    By Ana Lia Stutman
  • Earthquake Relief in Brooklyn
    Ten days after the earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010 Elsa First and Michele Bartnett met with a group of Haitian employees at a Brooklyn, New York hospital. First and Bartnett describe their work in group sessions with the grieving and overwhelmed immigrants.
    By Elsa First, MA, and Michèle Bartnet, PhD

Three Views: The Battle Over a Woman’s Right to Choose

Book Reviews

  • First Do No Harm (Book Review)
    Stephen Hartman reviews an edited collection of papers from an international group of writers, representing a deeply important set of issues and problems regarding psychology's and psychoanalysis' relation to militarism and warmaking.