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Our editors discuss the "occupy" movement, pro-bono work for individuals seeking political asylum, and a thank you to Alice Shaw for the years of outstanding division work
By Ruth Fallenbaum, PhD, and Ghislaine Boulanger, PhD

On the heels of the Arab Spring, the fall’s Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the country warmed the hearts and raised the hopes of many of our members. The OWS movement represents a loose coalition of activists protesting a growing list of social and economic injustices, so it seemed fitting to offer a kaleidoscope of impressions, reflections, and images from participating Section IX members. This issue also offers three articles examining the experience of immigrants to this country from different vantage points. Usha Tummala-Narra asks the psychoanalytic community to play a larger role in speaking up about the realities of immigration: fears of deportation, economic hardship, xenophobic violence, and the experience of being “raced” in their new country. Barry Cohen and Barbara Eisold describe their ongoing pro bono work assessing refugees seeking political asylum. Finally, we want to welcome Nancy Hollander to the presidency of Section IX, and join her in thanking past-president Alice Shaw for the outstanding job she did these past years.


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