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Section II: Childhood and Adolescence

Members are child clinicians who practice psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy and who conduct research in the area of child psychoanalysis. A major goal is to increase, through the development of study groups, communications among section members.

Membership in Section II is open to members of APA, Div. 39, students, and those in affiliated mental fields.

Section II Board of Directors

  • President: Laurel Silber, PhD

  • President-Elect: Jordan Bate, PhD 

  • Immediate Past President: Larry Rosenberg, PhD

  • Past Presidents:
    Thomas Barrett. PhD
    Norka Malberg, PsyD
    Jill Bellinson, PhD

  • Secretary: Salam Soliman, PsyD

  • Treasurer: Thomas Barrett, PhD

  • Membership Committee: Jordan Bate, PhD

  • Communications Committee:
    Susan Goodman, LCSW
    Virginia Shiller, PhD

  • Website Chair: TBA
  • Members-at-Large:
    Seth Aronson, PsyD
    Kenneth Barrish, PhD 
    Susan Goodman, LCSW
    Jackie Gotthold, PhD
    Joseph Mikulka, LCSW-R
    Ronald Naso, PhD
    Gretchen Schmutz, PsyD
    Jessica Sharkey, PsyD
    Miriam Steele, PhD

  • Representative to Div. 39: Virginia Shiller, PhD

Section Publications

Section Awards

Lifetime Service Award

Anni Bergman, PhD

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