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After Trauma, Hidden or Obvious: Possibilities for Treatment

Section V/Section II Collaborative Project

Thanks to the interest and efforts of Johanna Krout Tabin and Richard Ruth, all of the papers presented at a fascinating panel sponsored by Section V at the New Orleans, 2006, APA Convention on trauma is being made available online at the Section II web area.

After Trauma, Hidden or Obvious: Possibilities for Treatment

Introduction to the Section V Panel, APA, New Orleans, LA, August, 2006, Johanna Krout Tabin, PhD

The mission of Section V is to keep abreast of innovation in psychoanalysis. The three papers in the Summer Invited Panel of 2006 offer ground-breaking applications of psychoanalytic understanding in trying to help victims of trauma. The overall topic is "After Trauma, Hidden or Obvious: Possibilities for Treatment." Marvin Hurvich, PhD, ABPP contributes a theoretically grounded but clinically practical exploration of annihilation fantasies. Sharon Farber, PhD speaks in the same way to the use of cutting and other self-harming mechanisms. She shows the clinical importance of recognizing the adaptive function of such behaviors. Michael Harvey, PsyD summarizes his work in treating severely brain-damaged persons psychoanalytically. The value of this work clinically is astounding and theoretically helps us to understand better the relationships between brain and mind. This panel refreshes our appreciation for the psychoanalytic enterprise.

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