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Section IX: Psychoanalysis for Social Responsibility

Section IX is open to those interested in both social issues and psychoanalytic ideas. We sponsor events and activities in which a psychoanalytic perspective is brought to bear on contemporary social issues such as human rights, multicultural concerns, gender and sexualities, justice, ethics, economics, education, war and violence.

We work to promote the accessibility of psychoanalytically oriented clinical services to underserved groups of people, and to expand the cultural and socio-economic usefulness of psychoanalytic treatment.

We welcome your membership in our section. Member participation is encouraged and supported, as well as opportunities for leadership. The membership fee is modest, at $40 for mental health professionals, and $20 for students.

To join or renew your membership to Section IX, please send your name, address, phone, fax, e-mail and areas of interest, along with your annual dues to:

Section IX, Div. 39
P.O. Box 41668
Phoenix, AZ 85080

Section Officers


Lynne Layton, PhD

Past President

Nancy Caro Hollander, PhD


Jane Hassinger, MSW, DCSW


Nadine Obeid, PhD

Representative to Div. 39 Board

Alice Shaw, PhD

  • Judie Alpert, PhD
  • Donna Bassin, PhD
  • Rhonda Factor, PhD
  • Katie Gentile, PhD
  • Matt LeRoy, PsyD
  • David Lichtenstein, PhD
  • Ryan Parker, LCSW
  • Lara Sheehi, PsyD
  • Matthew Steinfeld, PhD
  • Rico Ainslie, PhD, ABPP, MCC
  • Ghislaine Boulanger, PhD, Section V
  • David Lichtenstein, PhD, Section V
  • Tricia Ready, PhD, ECP


Read the latest issue of newsletter, The Psychoanalytic Activist. The newsletter features articles on innovative programs around the country, and provides a forum for the discussion of timely social issues, books and projects.

Newsletter Editors
  • Matt LeRoy, PsyD
  • Tiffany McLain, MFTI
  • Nadine Obeid, PhD
Date created: 2011