Division 39, Section III Annual Report — 2013

Membership Numbers

68 members, including 6 students

Initiatives to Increase Membership and Diversity

  1. Free membership for two years for students who join the section
  2. The section will pay spring meeting registration fee for ECPs who are members of the section
  3. At least one board position is reserved for an ECP
  4. We also encourage involvement from LGBT and racial/ethnic minorities
  5. Dissertation and ECP awards (the recipient of the 2012 dissertation award was elected to the Section III board as an ECP)

Of primary concern to Section III is our continued difficulty maintaining membership numbers that allow us a voice within the division. We do continue to be very appreciative of the spring meeting planning committee’s commitment to providing us non-juried panel time. In the words of JoAnn Ponder, president of Section III, “We have considered the declining membership in light of our original mission, in that Section III was created when women were underrepresented in leadership positions in Division 39. In the past, serving on the Section III board was an entry to holding larger positions in the Division. This goal was successfully achieved in that women are now well represented in division leadership positions. Nonetheless, we believe that there are still pertinent gender-related issues to be understood in a psychoanalytic way and addressed, such as career versus family conflicts, the sexualization of young girls, legislative assaults on women's reproductive rights, societal attitudes that foster human sexual trafficking, and so forth. While our mission has evolved, we believe that Section III still has important contributions to offer the division and we will continue our efforts to attract new members.”

Section Activities and Membership Benefits

  1. Website to disseminate information
  2. Listserve to share information
  3. Newsletter published 1-2 times per year
  4. Invited panel at Spring Meeting and APA. In addition, members were encouraged to team with other sections and submit juried panel presentations. At APA in 2012, several members of Section II and III presented together on women's evolving roles in the family. At Spring Meeting in 2013, 2 board members are presenting a panel on women's reproductive rights with a member of Section IV
  5. Networking opportunities, including combined reception at Spring Meeting with Section II, Multi-Cultural Committee and Sexualities and Gender Identities Committee
  6. Annual awards to recognize gender-related dissertation, ECP accomplishments, research, scholarship and service
  7. We have considered the possibility of writing or editing another gender-related book

Board Members (2011-2012)

JoAnn Ponder, PhD (December 2013)

Marilyn Metzl, PhD Secretary
Richard Ruth, PhD (December 2013)

Constance Halligan, PhD (December 2012)

Representative to Division 39 Board
Judith Logue, PhD (December 2012)

Emily Ets-Hokin, PhD (December 2012)
Lynne Harkless, PhD (December 2012)
Maurine Kelly, PhD (December 2012)
Devon King, PhD (December 2012)
Jane Kupersmidt, PhD (December 2012)
Louis Rothschild, PhD (December 2012)
Linda Rudy, PhD (December 2012) 
Martha Temple, PsyD (December 2012)
Shari Thurer, PhD (December 2012)
Jane Tillman, PhD (December 2012)
Ellen Toronto, PhD (December 2012)
Jessica Zucker, PhD (December 2012)

Ruth Helein

Web Master
Ellen Zion

Spring Meeting Panel

Dancing in the Creative Third: The Art and Theory of Dream Interpretation with a Transsexual Patient

Danielle Knafo, PhD
“Transexual Dreams: The Dance and Art of Psychoanalysis in Three Voices”

Mark J. Blechner, PhD
“Transference and Countertransference with Transgender Patients: The Use of Dreams”

JoAnn Ponder, PhD, Moderator

APA Panel

Gender in the Countertransference
Presenters: Ricardo Rieppo, PhD & William MacGillivray, PhD
Chair: Judith Logue, PhD

Award Recipients (2012)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dorothy Evans Holmes, PhD
Scholarship Award: Diane Ehrensaft, PhD
Service Award: Marilyn Metzl, PhD
Dissertation Award: Kristin Davisson, PsyD
ECP Award: (No applicants)

Award Recipients (2013)

Scholarship: Nancy Chodorow, PhD
Research: Gwen Gerber, PhD
Service: Douglas Haldeman, PhD
Dissertation: TBD