Email List

The AP-LS email address list will be open to AP-LS members for participation in a research project, calls for papers and information about workshops and conferences. This mailing list will not be available for any group or individual solely for commercial or for-profit venture(s). Only AP-LS members and student members are eligible to request an electronic mailing. The text of all emails must be prepared by the member, but will be mailed by the website editor (to prevent duplication or unauthorized release of the email list).

Solicitations for Participation

For individuals requesting use of the email list for solicitation of research participants, please read the guidelines below. For more specific details, please go to the AP-LS membership page. You must be an AP-LS member to access the page and the email list.

  1. A $150 usage fee – Funds generated from this mailing list will be used to supplement student travel awards at the AP-LS conference and/or support activities of the student section. This usage fee applies to all requests; there are no exceptions to the usage fee requirement. This fee must be paid by visiting the AP-LS membership page.
  2. A request made by a current member or student member of AP-LS who has also agreed to receive such emails.
  3. Email subject line must be “Request for participation in a research project”
  4. The text of the email will begin with the following disclaimer: “This email does not describe a request made by the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS). AP-LS is neither conducting nor endorsing this research. Instead, AP-LS is sending this on behalf of a member(s) to use the email list to recruit research participants (see policy). Any specific questions regarding the participation request should be directed to XXXX@XXX.EDU”.
  5. The main body of the email must describe the purpose of the research and include an explanation of whom to contact for answers pertinent to questions about the research and research subjects' rights. Contact information must include full name, email address and a physical address. The body must also include contact information about the Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and contact for the IRB.
  6. All proposals for research must be approved by an IRB prior to release of the mailing list. A copy of the IRB approval must be submitted to the website editor before the solicitation email will be sent.
  7. The reply-to for the solicitation email will be the individual(s) whose contact information was obtained under #5.
  8. Members may request statistics regarding the number of emails sent and number of opened emails but must request this from the website editor prior to the email distribution.
  9. Members cannot request mailings more than once per year.

AP-LS will only send two emails per research request and no more than four such emails in any given month.

Calls for Papers

Calls for papers for submissions to academic journals or conferences may be sent to the AP-LS email list at the request of an AP-LS member.

Conference Information

Information about workshops and conferences may be sent to the AP-LS email list at the request of an AP-LS member, but only if the workshop or conference is sponsored by AP-LS or affiliated organizations such as AAFP.

Please contact the AP-LS website editor for permission to use the AP-LS email list.