Grants in Aid for Students

The Div. 41 Grants-in-Aid Committee is accepting proposals for small grants (maximum of $1000) to support empirical graduate research that addresses psycholegal issues.


Sponsor: Division 41


The award is limited to graduate students who are student affiliate members of AP-LS.

How to Apply

Interested individuals should submit a short proposal (a maximum of 1,500 excluding references) in an electronic format (preferably Word or PDF) that includes:

  • A cover sheet indicating the title of the project, name, address, phone number, and email address of the investigator;
  • An abstract of 100 words or less summarizing the project;
  • Purpose, theoretical rationale, and significance of the project;
  • Procedures to be employed;
  • Specific amount requested, including a detailed budget; and
  • References

If the application has previously received funding from the committee, their application must also include an abstract describing their completed research.

Budget items typically funded include (but are not limited to) payment of subjects, photocopying, purchase of testing materials, software not typically provided via universities, and electronic media. The committee does not typically provide funds for computers (though peripherals may be funded), office supplies and furniture (e.g., file cabinets), mileage, paying research assistants, and software or equipment typically available within universities. Conference and other travel costs are not funded.

Applicants should include a discussion of the feasibility of the research (e.g., if budget is for more than $1000, indicate source of remaining funds). Note that a prior recipient of an AP-LS Grant-in-Aid is only eligible for future funding if the previously funded research has been completed. Applicants should submit proof that IRB approval has been obtained for the project and the appropriate tax form W-9 for US citizens and W-8BEN for international students. If an applicant’s institution requires that checks be sent to the institution, the applicant is encouraged to contact the committee chair in advance.

AP-LS does not pay indirect costs to the institution or University.

Electronic submissions should be submitted via email to the Grants-in-Aid Committee chair.