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2020 President: Allison D. Redlich

allison-redlich Allison D. Redlich, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University, where she also serves as the graduate director and associate chair. After receiving her PhD in developmental psychology from the University of California, Davis, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Her research, which has been funded by federal agencies and private foundations, focuses on interrogations and confessions, guilty pleas, wrongful convictions and mental health courts. Across these areas, she has published more than 100 articles, book chapters, and books. Redlich served as the co-principal investigator on the National Science Foundation-funded Research Coordination Network on Understanding Guilty Pleas, is commonly asked to educate legal professionals and the public in the form of expert testimony and presentations, and currently sits on the editorial boards of five journals. In 2018, she was awarded the APA Mid-Career Award for Outstanding Contributions to Benefit Children, Youth, and Families. Redlich has been proud to serve AP-LS in several different capacities, including member-at-large, conference co-chair, chair of the Teaching, Training, and Careers Committee, and member of the Scientific Review Committee.

President-Elect: Lora Levett

Lora M. Levett, PhD Lora M. Levett, PhD, is an associate professor of criminology, law and society in the Department of Sociology and Criminology and Law at the University of Florida. She received her PhD in legal psychology with a minor in social psychology from Florida International University. Her research focuses on legal decision- making in investigation and trial with the goals of understanding the social processes and mechanisms that influence decision-making and creating policies and procedures that increase just outcomes in the legal system. Her work in these areas has been funded by the National Science Foundation, and she won a third place AP-LS Dissertation Award for her work in juror decision-making. Previously, Levett served as secretary, member-at-large, and chair of the Research, Membership, and Early Career Professionals Committees for AP-LS. She also is an associate editor at Law and Human Behavior.

Past President: Jennifer Groscup

Jennifer L. Groscup, JD, PhD Jennifer L. Groscup, JD, PhD, is an associate professor of psychology at Scripps College, the women’s college of the Claremont Colleges. She received her JD and PhD (social psychology) from the law/psychology program at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Her research has been funded by local entities and federal agencies and focuses on legal decision-making. In the jury and judicial decision-making contexts, her research has focused on expert testimony and scientific evidence, and she received the AP-LS First Place Dissertation Award for her research in that area in 2002. Her research on Fourth Amendment decision-making has focused on privacy expectations, especially related to the use of technology, and on the psychological factors that contribute to a person’s willingness to consent to a police search. Groscup has served as a reviewer for journals and book publishers and an editorial board member for journals in psychology and law. She previously served AP-LS as Dissertation Awards Committee chair, AP-LS Conference co-chair, newsletter editor, member-at-large and secretary. Groscup was the recipient of the AP-LS Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award in the Field of Psychology and Law in 2017.

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