Book Series

AP-LS sponsors a book series, edited by Patricia Zapf, PhD, and published by Oxford University Press. AP-LS has chosen Oxford University Press as a strategic partner because of its commitment to scholarship, quality and the international dissemination of ideas. These strengths will help AP-LS reach our goal of educating the psychology and legal professions and the general public about important developments in the field of psychology and law. The focus of the book series reflects the diversity of the field of psychology and law as we will publish books on a broad range of topics.

Do you have a proposal for a new book in this series?

The series editor welcomes submissions of proposals for new books in this series. The society is interested in publishing scholarly work that advances the field of psychology and law by contributing to its theoretical and empirical knowledge base. The series editor will consider proposals in any area of psychology and law. If you would like more information about submitting a proposal, please contact the book series editor, Patricia Zapf.

For all of the books within the series, please visit the Oxford University Press AP-LS book series page.


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