AP-LS Committee on Early Career Professionals

Awards and other news from the Committee on ECPs.

The AP-LS Committee for Early Career Professionals (ECPs) is pleased to provide an update on our recent activities and ongoing work related to the Grant-in-Aid program, conference events, and resources available to ECPs.

Grant-in-Aid Program. The Committee for ECPs administers a Grant-in-Aid program annually. In the most recent competition, we awarded four grants of $5,000 to ECPs to assist with costs of conducting their research. The recipients for the 2013 Grant-in-Aid cycle are:

Jacqueline Evans, PhD
Florida International University
Detecting Deception in Non-native Speakers

Kathryn Monahan, PhD
The University of Pittsburgh
Risks that Reward: Positive Risk-Taking Among Juvenile Offenders

Margaret C. Stevenson, PhD
University of Evansville
Understanding Jurors’ Discussions About Coerced Confession Evidence

Tarika Daftary-Kapur, PhD
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Tina Zottoli, PhD
St. Joseph’s College
Plea Decisions in Juvenile Offenders

Congratulations to this year’s awardees! We look forward to hearing about their results at a future AP-LS or APA conference. A critical component to the success of the Grant-in-Aid program is the numerous reviewers who volunteer their time to provide valuable feedback to applicants. We sincerely thank the following 58 individuals who served as reviewers during the 2013 Grant-in-Aid cycle:

  • Kevin Allan
  • Brian Bornstein
  • Ray Bull
  • Stephen Charman
  • Steve Clark
  • Hayley Cleary
  • Stephanie Covington
  • Keith Cruise
  • Michael Daffern
  • Rachel Kalbeitzer
  • Zoe Klemfuss
  • Amy-May Leach
  • Shannon Lynch
  • Bradley McAuliff
  • Robert McMahon
  • Dale McNiel
  • Laura Melnyk
  • Monica Miller
  • Kathryn Modecki
  • Bryan Myers
  • Dana DeHart
  • Sarah Desmarais
  • Kevin Douglas Amy Bradfield Douglass
  • Joel Dvoskin
  • Paul Frick
  • Fiona Gabbert
  • Stephen Golding
  • Kamala London Newton
  • Steven Penrod
  • Allison Redlich
  • Christina Riggs-Romaine
  • Jennifer Robbennolt
  • Henry L. Roediger, III
  • Robert Rosenheck
  • Kyle Scherr
  • Nadja Schreiber
  • Evan Selinger
  • Par Anders Granhag
  • Gregory Greenberg
  • Edie Greene
  • Thomas Grisso
  • Michelle Guyton
  • Kirk Helibrun
  • Linda Henkel
  • Lorraine Hope
  • Luke Hyde
  • Jennifer Skeem
  • Sam Sommers
  • Nancy Steblay
  • Lawrence Steinberg
  • Jessica Swanner
  • Rebecca Jackson
  • Richard Johnson
  • Gina Vincent
  • Gary Wells
  • Jennifer Woolard
  • Patricia Zapf

Upcoming ECP Grant-in-Aid deadline: The next deadline is October 15, 2014. Details about the grant-in-aid program and application instructions are online.

2014 AP-LS Conference in New Orleans. This year, the conference co-chairs are able to offer reduced conference fees again for ECPs who are within 3 years of their most recent degree (in addition, membership dues continue to be reduced for ECPs who are within 7 years of graduation).

The ECP committee is working with two AP-LS committees – Mentoring and Professional Development of Women - to co-host a workshop at the conference on “Finances and Funding.” We are very pleased to host two speakers who will offer different perspectives on practical strategies for managing business affairs. Eric Mart PhD, ABPP is a forensic clinical psychologist and author of a well-known book about starting a forensic clinical practice. Debra DePrato, MD is a child forensic psychiatrist who has developed several centers and programs offering juvenile justice consulting services. The speakers will use personal experiences to discuss considerations in starting a clinical practice or consulting service. The workshop has been scheduled for Friday, March 7 from 3 to 5pm. We will hear from Drs. Mart and DePrato during the first hour and then move to the conference hospitality suite for an informal Q&A session during the second hour.

The ECP Committee also will be hosting an evening reception during the conference, most likely at a venue away from the conference hotel, to promote socializing and networking opportunities. Please check the AP-LS Facebook page and conference program for time and location. All AP-LS members, regardless of ECP status, are welcome to attend!

Please Contact Us. If you have input for the ECP Committee on how best to support ECPs or if you would like to make a suggestion for a newsletter column or workshop topic, please contact the committee chair, Laura Guy, or any other member of the committee: Troy Ertelt, Charlie Goodsell, Kathleen Kemp, and Lauren Reba-Harrelson.