Committee Updates

Corrections Committee Update

Update from the Corrections Committee

By Sarah Manchak, PhD

On behalf of the Corrections Committee, I'd like to take this opportunity to provide AP-LS members with a brief update on our committee's recent activities. First, over the past year, several corrections committee members rotated off and new members have come on board. As such, I'd like to acknowledge all of the current members of the corrections committee and thank them for their ongoing service: Robert Morgan, Sarah Miller, Jay Toomey, Diana Kucera, & Tamera Kang. Thank you also to our most recent former committee members, Karen Galin and Ira Packer, who were integral in helping to plan this year's conference activities.

Second, our committee met in March in New Orleans and discussed several exciting initiatives we wish to pursue over the next few years. The over-arching theme that will inform our work is fostering and improving researcher-practitioners partnerships in corrections, and we have some great ideas in the pipeline for upcoming conferences that will support this goal.

Third, in addition to planning new initiatives going forward, we plan to continue our corrections speaker's series at the annual conference. As many of you know, this year's invited speaker was Dr. Ed Latessa from the University of Cincinnati. He delivered an informative and dynamic talk on the 10 lessons he has learned in his career conducting correctional rehabilitation research. The talk was well-attended (standing room only!) and sparked great conversation and exchange of ideas across the membership ever since. We thank him for his time and wonderful contribution to our conference program.

Fourth, we would like to congratulate winner of the outstanding student presentation award in corrections, co-sponsored with the Student Committee. Jennifer McLaughlin from Sam Houston State University presented on “A Study Space Reviewing Research on Multicultural Concerns in Malingering Assessment”.

Finally, in future newsletters, it is our plan to provide the membership with brief-but informative articles on various corrections-relevant topics. We welcome suggestions for topical information you may wish to learn more about, and we are open to hearing any ideas and recommendations for initiatives that you may have as well.