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The following awards and grants are sponsored by Div. 43:

  • Carolyn Attneave Diversity Award
    This award acknowledged special contributions to the promotion of diversity in family psychology or special contributions to the lives of diverse families.
  • Convention Travel Awards
    This award is designed to encourage attendance and increase student representation at the APA's convention.
  • Distinguished Contribution to Family Psychology Award
    This award is given to acknowledge special contributions to the advancement of teaching, research, public policy or practice in family psychology.
  • Distinguished Service Award
    This award is given to acknowledge a special contribution to the governance of the Society for Couple and Family Psychology or other service to the division.
  • Family Psychologist of the Year
    This award is for outstanding sustained contributions to family psychology.
  • Florence Kaslow Distinguished Contribution to International Family Psychology Award
    This award acknowledges Dr. Florence Kaslow’s longstanding and outstanding contributions to family psychology around the world.
Date created: 2014

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