Convention Travel Awards

This program is designed to encourage attendance and increase student and early career psychologist representation at the APA's convention.


Sponsor: Division 43


Div. 43 (Society for Couple and Family Psychology) is pleased to announce the Society for Couple and Family Psychology APA Convention Travel Award, which will be given to one graduate student and one early career psychologist (ECP) member. These awards are available for graduate students and ECPs who are currently members of Div. 43.

Two award recipients will receive $4000 each to be applied toward their APA convention expenses. This program is designed to encourage attendance and increase student representation at the APA's convention. Preference will be given to applicants who are first time attendees, or who are first author of a poster or paper to be presented at APA's convention.

How to Apply

The submission package must include the following:

  1. Brief statement (maximum 500 words) about your interest in family psychology and how you believe you would benefit from attending the APA convention in August. If applicable, include a description of your interest and/or experience in Div. 43 activities (convention program, continuing education, committees). Please state whether this will be the first APA convention you will attend.
  2. If you are presenting at APA's convention, please include an abstract of your presentation along with the title and the names of the co-presenters. Please note that you do not need to be a presenter to be eligible for this travel award.
  3. Your curriculum vitae.

Submission Instructions: Please submit all materials in a single Word or PDF document. Email all materials to Div. 43 Student Representative Katherine R Finkelstein. Put your name and the name of the award in the subject line and the file name (e.g., Jane.Doe.Div43Travel.Award). 

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