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Research in Family Psychology

We are clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, social psychologists and developmental psychologists.

We are researchers, educators, clinicians, community advocates, and policy advocates. We conduct basic and translational research. We study specific relationships and the broader family dynamic.

We study intra-individual phenomena (e.g., psychological disorders, physical health problems, personality traits, attachment), inter-individual phenomena (e.g., the influence of one person’s behavior or problems on another family member) and interpersonal phenomena (the interactional dynamics within relationships).

We study family processes or outcomes, specific problems and broader universal phenomena, and community factors and cultural factors.

Regardless of the specific nature of our individual research programs, we all embed our research within the broader relational/ familial context in which it occurs. We realize that all problems are embedded within a relational context and that we cannot truly understand a problem or phenomenon without studying it within the larger context in which it exists.

And it is that true biopsychosocial framework that connects us to each other and distinguishes us from non-family psychologists.

Date created: 2014