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President's message

Welcome to Div. 43 (Society for Couple and Family Psychology)

As president of APA's Div. 43, I think the most crucial aspect of my role is to support the health and longevity of the couples and family specialty area. Given that, the Div. 43 board must make decisions and start programs that will increase the likelihood of new psychologists learning best practices in treating couples and families. One way to support acquiring and maintaining couples and family psychology knowledge is through continuing education (CE). My mission as president is to establish an asynchronous CE platform that will allow Div. 43 members and non-members to learn from the leaders in our specialty. The Div. 43 board collaborates with the American Academy of Couples and Family Psychology (AACFP) and the American Board of Couples and Family Psychology (ABCFP) to create an appropriate curriculum, identify speakers, record, and then upload presentations for CEs. The process of creating this platform will likely take until the fall of 2022. I hope that the platform will be functional and populated with CE offerings within the year 2023. Creating a couples and family psychology CE platform has been a goal of many past Div. 43 boards, but none have completed this mission. It will take the work of many individuals. Vice President of Practice Katie Wischkaemper, PhD, and Education Alan Groveman, PhD, are helping to establish the CE platform. The ABCFP board is creating the curriculum the platform will support. We are excited about the possibility of helping further the education and sustaining the specialty in couples and families.

During my year as president, I will work diligently to represent the values and needs of our division. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Amanda Edwards-Stewart, PhD, ABPP

Last updated: October 2021Date created: April 2014
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