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Membership in Div. 43

Thinking of becoming a member?

Here are the top reasons to join Div. 43:

  1. Div. 43 is the largest professional organization dedicated to the professional development and training of couple and family psychologists.
  2. Support our mission and participate in the advancement of systemic research, education and clinical practice in the area of couple and family psychology.
  3. Network with other couple and family psychologists through conference activities and Div. 43 committees.
  4. Gain free access to continuing education on a variety of couple and family psychology (CFP) topics such as couple relationships; sexuality; evidence-based, family-focused interventions; divorce; blended families; and more.
  5. Submit articles to Div. 43's newsletter, The Family Psychologist (TFP). TFP is published three times a year and provides practical information about current issues and events in CFP practice, research and training.
  6. Join Div. 43's discussions on its Listservs (early career psychologists, members, announcements and research) and stay up-to-date through Div. 43's social media outlets: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  7. Receive information about funding opportunities, postdoc positions, employment and award opportunities.
  8. Participate in "speed-mentoring" events at APA's annual convention and receive mentoring and career guidance from leading family and couple psychologists.
  9. Receive guidance and support for achieving board certification in couple and family psychology.
  10. Obtain guidance and support on how to apply for a postdoctoral position and grant funding opportunities.
  11. Give your input about training and specialty issues and have the opportunity to shape APA policies by joining committees and working with the division's Board of Directors.
  12. Receive a copy of Div. 43's journal, Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice (CFP-RP).

Membership fees

  • APA member and fellow: $48 (includes CFP-RP print and online)
  • Life status: $0*
  • Student affiliate: $0*
  • Professional affiliate: $24.50*

*Life status members, student and professional affiliates who wish to receive a print and online copy of the division journal pay an additional fee of $23.50.

Join Now

Already a member but not sure you're getting the most out of your membership?

Here are some ways to get involved:

The Div. 43 Listserv® is often active with discussion about topical issues, sharing of ideas and facilitation of collaboration, networking and opportunities.

There are also a number of Listserv® options for specific topics including one specifically for students. 

Stay up to date through Div. 43's various social media outlets:

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