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Div. 43 News & Events

  • APA 2022 Annual Convention
    Aug. 4-6, 2022
    Minneapolis and virtually 

  • Call for submissions: New Div. 43 blog on couple and family psychology
    Div. 43's Couple and Family Psychology blog is a forum where division members share their views on contemporary issues relevant to couple and family psychology. Learn more about articles that can be submitted to the blog.

  • Call for Proposals on the theme of "Building bridges, building power: Interdisciplinary collaboration to empower diverse families and communities"
    Div. 43 invites program proposals for APA's 2020 convention. While all proposals relevant to couple and family psychology research, practice and training will be considered, we encourage the submission of proposals that address the theme of Building bridges, building power: Interdisciplinary collaboration to empower diverse families and communities. In particular we are interested in programs that discuss:
    -Collaborative practice: How do multidisciplinary teams work to enhance the biopsychosocial outcomes of diverse couples, families and communities.
    -Interdisciplinary research: How can scientists from various specialty areas in psychology (e.g., clinical, law, brain research, community) share their expertise to advance knowledge about diverse couples and families?
    -Advocacy: How does collaborative practice and interdisciplinary research advance the translation of knowledge into policy decisions and actions that empower and improve the well-being of couples, families and communities?

    For more information about APA 2020 convention proposals, please contact Sam Rennebohm.

  • Public interest and diversity in couple and family psychology
    As part of the 2019-20 presidential initiative on social justice, couple and family psychologists are encouraged to consider how they can incorporate cultural humility and awareness into their work in educating the public, training their students, researching couples and families and practicing couples and family psychology.

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