Editor’s Note

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the Spring 2019 issue of The Family Psychologist (TFP).
By Kendra Campbell, PhD

In this issue, President Susan Regas, PhD, outlines the importance of having an evidence-based model that includes therapist-specific factors. Vice President for Education Shelley Riggs, PhD, offers sage suggestions for future directions in couples and family psychology (CFP) education. In the vice president for practice column, Allison Hill, PhD, invites new fellow Patricia Pitta, PhD, to discuss her role in CFP. Next, Vice President for Science Steven Sayers, PhD, implores us to continue to make the CFP voice heard in the world of research funding. In the practice corner, Andrew Benjamin, PhD, discusses multiple relationship ethics violations, and in the forensic corner, Lyn Greenberg, PhD, offers best practice advice on working with challenging family cases. Student/ECP representative Shawndeeia Drinkard, PhD, shares a call to action for the unique role students and ECPs serve in the efforts to promote social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. Also in this issue, contributing guest authors from Div. 44, Richard Sprott, PhD, and Heath Schechinger, PhD, offer key findings in research around consensual non-monogamy and Ralph Fretz, PhD, reviews the book "Treating the Difficult Divorce: A Practical Guide for Psychotherapists" by Jay L. Lebow.

As always, we hope that The Family Psychologist (TFP) will continue to be a resource for the members of Div. 43 as well as a forum for discussion. With this goal in mind, the editorial staff encourages you to submit articles, book review and APA convention related announcements for the Summer (Convention) issue of TFP by June 15. As always, we encourage submissions and collaborations from ECPs and students of couple and family psychology along with our more seasoned colleagues. Lastly, in the midst of the current political climate, TFP continues to welcome submissions about efforts to prevent and heal the pain of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. Please send articles and reviews, or other materials directly to the editorial team via email and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding submissions. Please send inquiries regarding book reviews to Reference Corner Editor Linda Berg-Cross, PhD.


Kendra Campbell, PhD