Presidential Citation

Recipients of presidential citations are selected by the division president and often go to individual or organizations whose mission and work are consistent with the president's theme or focus.


Sponsor: Division 44


For individuals or organizations whose mission and work are consistent with the theme or focus of Div. 44's president.

How to Apply

Annual deadline: March 30

Recipients are selected by the division president.

Past Recipients


Oakland LGBTQ Community Center


National Center for Transgender Equality


Gwendolyn Puryear Keita, PhD 


This year’s Presidential Citation goes to the Williams Institute of UCLA School of Law for its advancement of sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy through rigorous, independent research and scholarship, and for disseminating this to judges, legislators, policymakers, media, and the public. Founded in 2001 through a generous grant by businessman, academic, and philanthropist Charles R. Williams, they are doing research that truly matters to the lives of LGBT Americans. Recent studies have included: Extending Medicaid long-term care impoverishment protections to same-sex couples; Adolescents in the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study; Male role models, gender role traits and psychological adjustment; Testimony on S811, The Employment Non- Discrimination Act of 2011; Evidence of persistent and pervasive workplace discrimination against LGBT people: The need for Federal legislation prohibiting discrimination and providing for equal employment benefits; and many others. Although some of the research does not have particularly sexy titles, the policies that they are designed to affect are critical to the mental health and well-being of so many LGBT people in our society. For their high quality, rigorous research on LGBT issues, we proudly present the award to the Williams Institute. Accepting the Award for the Williams Institute is Dr. Gary J. Gates, Williams Distinguished Scholar (pictured right with Mark Pope).


Carol Goodheart, EdD and Jeff Cook.


Fritz Klein, MD — The American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB) was formed by Fritz Klein, M.D., on July 23, 1998. Dr. Klein (1932–2006) was a psychiatrist and sex researcher who wrote the book The Bisexual Option. Dr. Klein also devised the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, a multi-dimensional system for describing complex sexual orientation, similar to the familiar “zero-to-six” Kinsey scale of sexual orientation but measuring seven different aspects of sexual orientation and identity separately as they relate person’s past, present, and ideal future. Many of us have used this grid in our research.

Klein left a generous bequest to AIB to continue his work. AIB’s mission, which was formulated before he passed away, is: “AIB encourages, supports, and assists research and education about bisexuality, through programs likely to make a material difference and enhance public knowledge and awareness.”

In recent years, AIB has funded nine completed or ongoing academic research projects in three countries, as well as scholarships and awards including the Fritz Klein Fellowship and the Bisexual Foundation Scholarship Award of Division 44 of the American Psychological Association. AIB also supports the Journal of Bisexuality and the Internet publication, as well as conference presentations and other activities to increase knowledge and awareness about bisexuality. (Photo of Carlos Legaspy and Regina Reinhardt, directors of the American Institute of Bisexuality)


Rebecca E. Fox — In conjunction with this year's Presidential Initiative and Convention Theme, Living Well: Advancing Competent, Available and Accessible Healthcare For the LGBT Community, the division is proud to recognize Rebecca E. Fox, Executive Director of the National Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health. The Coalition is the leading national organization working to improve the health of the LGBT community through advocacy, outreach, and education. She is also an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University. She has a diverse advocacy resume.

She serves on the boards of Choice USA, a national organization that mobilizes and supports the diverse, upcoming generation of leaders who promote and protect reproductive choice, and the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, a local organization working to ensure access for all women to reproductive health services. Ms. Fox worked as the Assistant Director for Public Policy at the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. Adding to her public policy activity, she monitored federal legislation pertaining to health insurance, gender-based discrimination, and reproductive rights at the National Partnership for Women and Families.


California Psychological Association — The 2008 Division 44 Presidential Citation is awarded to the California Psychological Association for their efforts in educating the California Supreme Court regarding the negative psychological consequences of marriage discrimination. The amicus brief filed by CPA was cited by the justices of the California Supreme Court in their decision affirming marriage equality in California.


Arkansas Psychological Association — The 2007 Division 44 Presidential Citation is awarded to the Arkansas Psychological Association for their efforts in providing accurate, research-based, information regarding same-sex couples and their children to the Arkansas legislature in opposition to SB-959 which would have prohibited same-sex couples from participating in Foster Care and Adoptions.


Evan Wolfson, Founder: The Freedom to Marry Coalition


Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies and National Coalition For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health


Ohio State Psychological Association and Judge Daniel R. Foley


Gender Identity Clinic, Clinton Anderson, Robin Shahar & Fran Shahar


Natalie Gilfoyle, James McHugh, About Face Youth Theatre in Chicago.

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