The Executive Board of Div. 44 unanimously endorsed Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD, for APA's president-elect in the forthcoming election.

Transgender Students' Discrimination Complaints Should Be Heard

APA and Div. 44 have sent a letter of concern to the Dept. of Education regarding transgender students.

Nicholas E. Grant, PhD, Recognized as APA Citizen Psychologist

For his stellar leadership and service to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) communities, Grant has been recognized with the APA Citizen Psychologist Presidential Citation.

LGBT Psychololgy Group Opposes Attempts to Weaken Nondiscrimination in Health Care Protections

Div. 44 opposes federal efforts to weaken nondiscrimination protections for sexual and gender diverse people in the Affordable Care Act.

Transgender Military Ban Is Discriminatory

Div. 44 affirms opposition to the transgender military ban, which is discriminatory and spreads prejudice about transgender people and gender dysphoria.