Executive Board

Elected Positions — Executive Committee

President: David Pantalone

David Pantalone

President-Elect: Margaret Rosario

Margaret Rosario

Past President: Kimberly Balsam

Kimberly Balsam

Secretary: Antoinette Kavanaugh

Antoinette Kavanaugh

Treasurer: Erin Deneke

Erin Deneke

Members at Large: Melissa Grey, Franco Dispenza and Laura Alie

Melissa Grey Franco Dispenza Laura Alie

Council Representatives: Michael Hendricks, Arlene Noriega and Terry Gock

Student Representatives: Jacks Cheng and Rebekah Ingram

Jacks Cheng Rebekah Ingram

Standing Committees Chairs

Fellows: Glenda Russell

Membership: Wyatt Evans and Joshua Kellison

Program: Ja'Nina Garrett-Walker

Ja'Nina Garrett-Walker

Program Suite Coordinator: Samantha Tornello

Special Committees Chairs

Aging: Kate Hinrichs and Weston Donaldson

Bisexual Issues: Christopher Davids and Laurel Watson

Communications: Jayme Peta

Children, Youth and Families: Richard Sprott and Megan Lytle

Clinical Issues: Shay Caramiello and Gary Howell

Education and Training: Joshua Wolff, Justin Martino-Harms and Jae Puckett

Gender Diversity and Transgender People: Ellen Magalhaes and Mira Krishnan

International Committee: Sharon Horne and Armand Cerbone

Mentoring: V. Paul Poteat and Kate Kominars

Public Policy: Michele Schlehofer and Nick Grant

Racial and Ethnic Diversity: Carlton Green and Cliff Yung-Chi Chen

Science: Jonathan Mohr and Stephanie Budge

Task Forces

Consensual Non-monogamy: Amy Moors and Heath Schechinger

Disability Issues: Reginald Nettles and Eric Samuels

Religion and Spirituality: Erin Deneke and Josh Wolff

Other Positions

APA Staff Liaison: Clinton Anderson

Book Series Editor: Marie Miville

APA Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity: Erin Deneke

APA Committee on International Relations: Elin Ovrebo

Div. 19 (Military Psychology): Bonnie Moradi

Divisions for Social Justice Representative: Ja'Nina Garrett-Walker and Samantha Tornello

Fundraising Coordinator: Gary Howell

Historian: Douglas Kimmel

Journal Editor: John Gonsiorek

Email List Manager: Jayme Peta

NMCS Coordinator: David Rivera

Newsletter Editor: Stacey Williams

Outreach Coordinator: Gregory Sarlo

Website Editor: Jayme Peta