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Email Lists

The Div. 44 email lists are an important means for members to communicate about issues of concern and to stay informed about Div. 44 happenings. Email lists are not confidential; anything you write on them is visible to anyone on that list. Email list postings should not be forwarded without the express consent of the original author of a posting; however, be aware that such forwards do occur, and are not under the control of the division.

Member Email List

This is an unmoderated list, open to members, who can subscribe by sending an email, with nothing in the subject line, to Please write SUBSCRIBE DIV44, followed by your name, in the body of the message. Our email list manager will confirm your membership and add you to the list. If you have not been subscribed within a month, please contact the email list manager directly. Please save the message that APA will send you upon joining about how to perform such operations as getting the email list on digest, replying to the individual posting only and unsubscribing.

Announce-only Email List

This email list is reserved for dissemination of crucial information, such as the newsletter and calls for nominations, to all members. Responses cannot be sent to this email list. Requests to post materials to this email list must be approved by the email list manager.

Leadership Email List

This email list is for communications between members of the division's leadership team, such as elected officers and chairs of committees and task forces. If you were not automatically subscribed upon election or appointment, please contact the email list manager.

Date created: 2013