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Membership FAQs

How can I check my membership status?
The easiest way to check your division membership status is to contact the division administrator, Keith Cooke at (202) 216-7602. You may also contact a division members' specialist at (202) 336-6013. In addition, you can access your membership information at MyAPA. If you are an APA member, you can also contact the APA Service Center at (800) 374-2721 and check your renewal status online.

When is my membership active?
Memberships are active for one full calendar year, rather than a rolling timeline. This can become particularly tricky for those members who join in the fall of the year. If you join in August, for example, your membership will be active for one year from the starting January. Renewals are sent to members starting in September for the following calendar year.

When do I start receiving the benefits of division membership?
Member benefits start as soon as your membership is processed. You will receive a welcome message within two weeks of your membership being processed. If you do not receive this, please contact the division administrator.

For the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity journal , you will receive the next issue for which labels are ordered after your membership is processed. The membership year is January to December. If you join after an issue has been mailed, you will receive the next issue when it comes out, and you will receive any issues you have missed, mailed separately about the same time. It can take up to 12 weeks for your first issue to arrive, but you will receive all the issues for your membership year. If you join after mid-August, your membership will be applied to the next calendar year. For example, if you join in September, you will not receive a Journal issue until early the next calendar year.

Which membership category fits me?
Each membership category is based on your academic background and your affiliate with APA or similar organizations. In addition, when you are eligible for more than one category, you must weigh the privileges. The society tries to maintain balanced membership rates across all categories.

How can I change my membership category?
If you've received a new degree or had another change that will cause a membership category change, please telephone the division membership office at (202) 336-6013 to process the change so that you do not miss out on opportunities.

What does Div. 44 offer students?
In addition to a student email list for the discussion of student-related issues, the society offers an almost-50% discount to students. Student affiliates receive the journal and newsletter, as well. Students who attend the National Multicultural Conference and Summit can attend under reduced rates and potentially receive travel awards. In addition, the division offers several travel awards for students to attend the APA Convention.


Date created: 2013

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